I want YOU to . . .

Help me find the perfect concealer, please!

As a lover of makeup i have to admit that i have always been skeptical when it comes to concealers. its been almost two years since i owned a concealer. The reason why i haven’t purchased one ever since is because i cant seem to find the one.

This has pushed me away from even trying to search for one. Since i know you are a makeup lover, i’d very much appreciate your suggestion. i’ll pick three recommendations and purchase those three products and  review them on my channel. and of course, give a shout out to whom recommended each product.

i would greatly appreciate it. hope you all have a good day! ❤




  1. Hey girly!
    In my opinion, the Maybelline FitMe concealers are amazing! I use this concealer all the time! Every time I decide to change my concealer in order to try something new, I am always disappointed and end up going back to the Maybelline ones. I love love LOVE them!!
    I also really like the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer 😀
    You should definitely try these out!!
    – Talia xo


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