My New Makeup Products

Makeup details down below:


im going to start off by talking about my new foundation. i walked into Sephora and asked to do the skin match. after getting my results i asked to try Bare Minerals BareSkin Brightening foundation ($29) This foundation has a very light coverage. But it’s possible to layer and increase the coverage. I wouldnt reccomend it because it darkened a little with each layer i added. I chose to go with a light coverage because i wanted a natural bright look.

i really like how smooth and natural this foundation is. it is a serum so you have to make sure you shake the bottle very well.

The sephora consultant recommended me to try Sephora’s Multitasker Powder Brush ($24) First of all, i have to say that this isnt a bad brush at all. But it doesnt go well with the bare skin foundation. I would suggest that you use a sponge with the foundation. The brush leaves those brush lines on your face.


Lastly, i purchased Maybelline’s Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spots ($9.99) CVS had a buy one get one 50% off. i purchased the light/medium color. i use this as a concealer instead. i am really satisfied with the coverage.

Now this is hands down my favorite blush. e.l.f. blush ($3) i like how subtle the color is. it’s just the perfect coral and a has the perfect shimmer. If you are looking for a nice light pink blush, this is the one.


I heard so much about Too Faced makeup lately. i got this palette as a birthday gift a few weeks ago. The colors inside are natural colors. A lot of browns, a couple of mattes and shimmery eyeshadows. The pigmentation is great. This palette also includes a how- to Glamour Guide. Too Faced Natural Eye Neutral Eye Shadow ($36)

i purchased e.l.f. Flawless Eyeshadow in Sea Escape just for a specific Olsen Tutorial. which is my latest video. check it out


e.l.f. Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick ($2) in Pink Umbrella. the perfect natural pink for your lips. I will be honest and say that i was skeptical about this next product, e.l.f. Studio Lip Exfoliator ($3) but after using it, i am definitely going to add it to my morning regimen. This exfoliate has a soft vanilla scent. i make sure to make a circular motion when placing on my lips. then once i have enough sugar on my lips i take my finger and rub my lips using a circular motion. and then i am ready to either add chap stick or color in my lips.

These two Nars lip colors was a birthday gift from Sephora. The red lip color is matte and the soft pink color is glossy.


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