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Natural Makeup Look using only elf products(B-Day gifts)

hello! it’s nice to be back on here. I can finally say that i am getting closer to feeling like my “Olsen” self again and ready to put together tutorials for you. This tutorial is not an Olsen Tutorial. BOO!!!  I know. But trust me, i will have one up very soon. Meanwhile, i put together a short video using only the gifts i was given on my birthday. I first started the look with (more…)


Vlogmas Challenge Accepted

this might not be a ‘challenge’ but as a newbie when it comes to vlogging, i see this as a challenge.

I thought that December would be a perfect month to start vlogging. i am planning a few great things on the weekends like . . . well, you’ll see. Here’s yesterdays vlog. Enjoy!