Get The Olsen Look: Mary Kate Olsen’s Bold Pink Lips and Hair Braid Updo

duo pinkI’ve been anxious to share this look with you all. when i stumbled upon this picture of Mary-Kate, i knew that i just had to recreate this look. i don’t know why. first of all, i am not a fan of pink. But when i saw mk’s Lips, i was like, WOW, that’s different. i wonder how i would look with hot pink lips. My sister became an Avon Representative a few weeks ago. And as a sister, i of course have to be one of her first customers. i have ordered aAvon products before. And in all honesty, their products are great. You will not be disappointed, trust me! I ordered most of the products that i used in this tutorial from Avon. Can i just say that the lavender mist eye color stays on for a long time.

Well enough talking, here’s the final cut. i hope you enjoy!! talk to ya next time! 🙂